What is E-Invoice ?

The E-Invoice Application has been created by the Revenue Administration. The main benefits of the system are issuing the invoices as per the standards in electronic document format, eliminating the use of paper and enabling safe and healthy circulation between the parties.

The E-Invoice system bears the same legal qualifications as the paper invoices. The system has become a legal obligation for the firms in scope. The electronic invoices of the taxpayers should be stored in the data processing systems of the taxpayer while it is allowed to obtain storage services from the service providers authorized by the Revenue Administration. In other words, electronic storage can be performed at the third parties. 


What are the advantages?

  • Easy and fast integration with ERP/CRM systems
  • Decrease in customer and supplier disputes
  • Acceleration in cash flow
  • Shortening in accounting, confirmation and payment process
  • Decrease in incorrect data entries and correction costs
  • Capability of managing the processes specific to e-invoice from ERP systems 
  • Short-term return on investment with Edoksis assurance 
  • Decrease in physical load arising from cost and archiving 
  • ​Decrease in printing, paper and postage costs  

What is E-ledger?

E-ledger is preparing the books in electronic file format and their online registry as per the format and standards announced by the Revenue Administration. The system refers to the books that should be kept in in accordance with the provisions of Tax Procedure Law and Turkish Commercial Law.

The legal and technical regulations allow the source to be used as evidence by ensuring its uniformity, integrity and accuracy. 



What are the advantages?

  • Elimination of the paper and cartridge costs
  • Decrease in archiving costs 
  • Operational savings (labor and time)
  • Elimination of the book costs (book, binding, notaries etc.)
  • Speed and efficiency in the auditing and management activities
  • Ease of audit

What is E-Archive?

According to Tax Procedure Law, invoice is document that is prepared at least in two copies where the first copy (the original one) is submitted to the customer, and the second one is stored by the tax payers pursuant to the storage and submission provisions of the same Law.

According to this communique, the invoice prepared electronically and sent to the receiver in hard copy or electronically is considered the original document and the one that is stored by the issuer is considered as the second copy. The tax payers authorized by the Prime Ministry pursuant to this Communique for E-Archive processes can keep the invoice prepared electronically in an electronic environment.


What are the advantages?

  • Elimination of the paper and cartridge costs
  • Decrease in archiving costs 
  • Operational savings (labor and time)
  • Completely elimination of paper invoices
  • Fast integration on the same services with Edoksis e-İnvoice application
  • Easy integration with ERP and accounting systems

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