Pratis brings sellers and buyers together on a B2B procurement platform. There are 60 buyer companies from different industries, 346 products and 28000+ suppliers in Pratis. A supply pool is created with companies who require corporate purchasing.

The system can be integrated into the organizations’ information technology systems and various criteria can be enforced in supplier selection. The registration of a supplier is only allowed upon reference. The customer profile consists of large-scale companies that support their purchasing processes with technology and benefit from the e-procurement applications as well as the supplier companies that supply products and services to these companies.

All the processes can be performed over the platform starting from the price research stage for goods and services until the order stage. A wide range of commercial activities can be performed on Pratis including purchasing and selling promotional materials, employee clothing, car rental services, shipping services, bearings and information systems.

Pratis offers three main services to its customers

1. e-Purchasing Management

2. e-Purchasing Platform

3. Integration with ERP Systems


Advantages of Pratis

For Buyers Companies

  • Transparent purchasing that can be fully controlled
  • Process efficiency in purchasing
  • More competitive prices
  • Single point access to many supplier with references
  • Monitoring and measuring supplier performance
  • Shorter supply period
  • Fast evaluation, conclusion and reporting


For Supplier Companies

  • A new and updated sales channel
  • Access to an extensive portfolio of corporate buyers
  • Close Monitoring of the market 
  • Decrease in sales, marketing and administrative costs
  • Continuous improvements in bid submission and ordering process


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